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2024 China (Guangzhou) Int¡¯l Metal & Metallurgy Exhibition

The 24th China(Guangzhou) Int¡¯l Forging Industry Exhibition

Governed By:

Ministry of Commerce of the People's Republic of China Department of Foreign Trade

Approved By£º

The Department of Foreign Trade & Economic Cooperation of Guangdong Province

Organized By£º

Guangzhou Julang Exhibition Design Co., Ltd.

The 23rd China(Guangzhou) Int¡¯l Forging Industry Exhibition¡±has been successfully held for the twenty-two years.Exhibits cover forgings, forging flanges, rings, forging materials, forging equipment and forging matching fields.It is one of the most professional and authoritative forging exhibitions in China.The scale of the exhibition is growing day by day, and has developed from a single on-site display platform into an international stage integrating enterprise three-dimensional display and industry interaction.

The 24th China(Guangzhou) Int¡¯l Forging Industry Exhibition will be presented in an international, professional and high-level way.Invites Chinese and world forging factories to showcase new products, new technologies and new equipment.To help industry executives fully understand the latest trends in the global forging industry chain, while creating a one-stop procurement platform for products, materials and equipment for the audience!

Guangzhou Julang Exhibition Design Co., Ltd. started orgazining exhibition since 1996. With its good experience and rich customer resource, The exhibition was once the best industry platform for industry companies to expand domestic market.

New Attractions

New Attractions An all round and multi-channel audience invitation plan in 2022 to ensure the attendance of professional buyers.
1¡¢A number of associations Organize visit. The Pearl River Delta Auto, Machinery, Pump and Valve, Mine, Electric Power, Ship and other industry associations are helping. In addition, professional associations from Germany, Korea, Japan, India, the United States, Malaysia and other regions will also bring overseas buyers.
The organizers set up a special call center to invite visitors for the effect of the exhibition, so as to ensure more targeted and professional buyers. Professional overseas audience organization team will invite high quality buyers from Southeast Asia, Europe and the Middle East to meet the needs of various exhibitors.
Using 500,000 high-quality audience database and authoritative media industry data, mass invitations, faxes, text messages, e-mails to all target audiences for carpet invitations.
¡¢More than 50000 invitations are delivered to the purchasing decision maker directly.
5¡¢The latest news of the monthly newsletter is to attract buyers to the scene.
6¡¢Industry mainstream media advertising soft text coverage.
7¡¢VIP buyers are invited to invite the forging industry to have the right to purchase decisions.
We sincerely hope that you bring the elite team, bright image and high-tech products to show, because we have prepared everything for you.

Schedule and Venue

Show time: May 11-13,2024
Move-out: 1pm,13 May ,2024
Move-in: 9-10 May ,2024

Venue: Ground Floor, C Area, China Import and Export Fair Pazhou Complex(No.980, Xingang Dong Road, Guangzhou, China)

Exhibiting Scope
¡ô Forgings
Automobile forgings, and forgings for cars, Forgings for sewing machines; marine forgings, Forgings for diesel engines, forgings for petrochemical industry,Aircraft forgings, bearing forgings, nuclear power forgings,(Pressure vessels, textile machinery, railway machinery, coal mining machinery, construction machinery, mining, lifting, weapons, thermal power, power stations, shafts, gears, rollers, covers, etc.) forgings and various flanges;Fine blanking, forging tube body, etc.Medical equipment; Pharmaceutical machinery; Forging for pharmaceutical packaging machinery; Various cold forgings, cold extrusion parts; Hardware forgings; Light industrial machinery forgings.
¡ôFlange and ring products
All kinds of large flanges£¬Various diameter flange, stainless steel flange, pressure vessel flange, wind power flange, integral flange, threaded flange, flat welding flange, flat welding flange with neck, butt welding flange, butt welding flange, socket welding flange, loose sleeve flange, lining flange, non-standard flange, American standard, German standard, Japanese standard, Russian standard and other series of standard flange, France LAN cover, flange element, flange, flange, flange protective cover, flange gasket,All kinds of medium and small, large, standard ring, special-shaped ring, slewing bearing, gear ring, rim, ring forgings and so on.
¡ô Forging equipment and raw materials
Forging equipment, die forging equipment, free forging equipment, forging robot.Laser cutting, extrusion, rotary forming, cutting, band sawing machine, circular saw, bending torsion forming equipment,Cross wedge rolling mill, ring rolling machine, mechanical press, automatic forging press, cold/warm forging press, hydraulic press, automatic forming equipment, general forming equipment, forging hammer, forging machine, riveting machine, automation, consulting services, forging die manufacturing technology and equipment,Forging raw materials (bar, round steel, profile, die steel, tool steel),Industrial furnaces, kilns and energy-saving technologies for forging production, import and export services, ISO/QS 9000 certification, mechanical maintenance and second-hand equipment, process design and CAD, CAM, forging testing equipment and instruments, forging auxiliary equipment.

Focus on the audience industry
Forging, automobiles, motorcycles, pump valves, petroleum chemical machinery, mechanical processing, metallurgical equipment, ships, rail transit, aerospace, military, pharmaceutical, pressure vessels, boilers, agricultural machinery, mining, sewing machines, internal combustion engines, power, nuclear power, wind power, hardware, etc.

Exhibition Charges
Brand Hall (minimum area of 36sqms): 450 USD/sqm raw space rent + 5 USD/sqm construction management fees
Standard Booth: USD4500/booth (9sqms)
Included Basic Fittings: booth boarding, fascia board with company name, one table, two chairs, carpet , garbage can , two daylight lamps ,air condition
Product Release Conference & Technical Seminar: 1000 USD/section (60mins)

The official journal is perfectly printed with art papers£¨140mm¡Á210mm£©and distributed to exhibitors and visitors. Enterprises are welcomed to make advertisement in our journal or by other ways.
The details see as follows:

Cover: USD12000

Admission ticket:USD2500/10000pcs

Inside front/back cover: USD5000
Back cover/marked page: USD6000 Color page: USD3000 Press kit£ºUSD5000/5000pcs

Procedures of Participation
1.Post or fax the filled & stamped application to us.
2.Participation fee should be transferred into our company account & swift receipt should be fax to us within one week after receiving the stand confirmation.
3.The contract will officially become effective after receiving participation fee. The booth can not be subleased or loaned to any third party for any reason.
4.The location of booth will be allotted according to application date and size.

1.Advertising in the related authoritative magazines in USA, UK, Germany, South Korea, India, Russia, Japan etc.
2.Continuous nationwide report & advertising on TV, publication & newspaper.
3.1,000,000 free visiting tickets to target customers by our expanding department.
4.Leaflets about the exhibition which will be distributed by local professional associations (academies), commercial section of foreign embassies in China and relevant international organizations in China.
5.Leaflets about relevant exhibitions at home and abroad.

1.Help exhibitors arrange the conveyance of exhibits.
2.Arrange the lodging and ticket for exhibitors in prior and preferential.
3.Hold the news release meeting and trade meeting on site for exhibitors.
4.Invite the domestic and international experts to hold high-level industry forum.
5.Help the exhibitors collect the concerning market information and data.

Organizer Detail
Add: Suite 3A05-3A06,Building A1, Galaxy City, Huaming Rd 29,Pearl River New City, Tianhe, Guangzhou, 510623, China
Tel: 0086-20-38620782 Fax: 0086-20-38620781
Contact: MeiWen 0086-18002266711
E-mail: julang@julang.com.cn

WeChat : 18002266711

Website: http://www.julang.com.cn/english/forging/index.asp

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