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China's finished steel exports slightly above 90 million mt in 2023, highest since 2016-金属展-冶金展-2024广州巨浪国际金属暨冶金工业展览
会-巨浪展览-2024 China(Guangzhou)Int’l Metal &Metallurgy Exhibition

1/15/2024  金属展-冶金展-钢铁展-steel expo-metal &metallurgy expo
    China''s finished steel exports amounted to 90.264 miion mt in 2023. increasing by 36.2 percent year on year.according to the latest data released by China''s General Administration of Customs (GACC) on January 12. Thevolume is the highest since 2016, when finished steel exports totaled 108 million mt. The slowdown in local demandand relatively high production levels contributed to the rise.
For 2024. Chinese producers'' plans regarding exports are also ambitious, though some declines are expected. "Milscan''t maintain 90 milion mt of exoorts for a ong time. but this vear  believe we wil still see 80 milion mt or a bithigher, which is still far above the previous 2019-2022 levels," a trader said.
However, some mills are going to further change their strategy in the export markets. "Ordinary products are not ourtarget anymore as the market is destroyed by non-VAT trading whose prices are always low. We need to changestrategy to face that, so our target is CRC, plate and other high-end products. where non-VAT sellers are not involveda representative of one of the large Chinese mills said.
In December last year, China''s finished steel exports declined by 3.5 percent on month to 7.728 miion mt, whileindicating a strong rise of 43.1 percent year on year.
n December last vear China''s finished steel imports totaled 665 000 mt. increasing by 8.3 percent month on monthwhile down five percent year on vear. In 2023. China imported 7.645 milion mt of finished steel, declining by 27.6percent year on year.
金属展-冶金展-2024广州巨浪国际金属暨冶金工业展览会-巨浪展览-2024 China(Guangzhou)Int’l Metal &Metallurgy Exhibition 2024金属展,2024金属展会,2024金属展览会,2024广州金属展,2024广州金属展会,2024广东金属展,2024广东金属展会,2024中国金属展,2024中国金属展会,2024金属博览会,2024冶金展,2024冶金展会,2024冶金展览会,2024广州冶金展,2024广州冶金展会,2024广东冶金展,2024广东冶金展会,2024中国冶金展,2024中国冶金展会,2024冶金博览,2024钢铁展,2024钢铁展会,2024钢铁展览会,2024广州钢铁展,2024广州钢铁展会,2024广东钢铁展,2024广东钢铁展会,2024中国钢铁展,2024中国钢铁展会,2024钢铁博览会,2024金属冶金展,2024金属冶金展会,2024金属冶金展览会,2023广州金属冶金展,2024广州金属冶金展会,2024广东金属冶金展,2024广东金属冶金展会,2024中国金属冶金展,2024国金属冶金展会,2024金属冶金博览会-steel Industry Exhibition,steel expo, 2024 steel exhibition, 2024 steel expo, China steel exhibition, China steel expo, steel Industry event,steel event, 2024 steel event, China steel event,metal Industry Exhibition,metal expo, 2024 metal exhibition, 2024 metal expo, China metal exhibition, China metal expo, metal Industry event,metal event, 2024 metal event, China metal event,metallurgy Industry Exhibition,metallurgy expo, 2024 metallurgy exhibition, 2024 metallurgy expo, China metallurgy exhibition, China metallurgy expo, metallurgy Industry event,metallurgy event, 2024 metallurgy event, China metallurgy event
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