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Women-Owned Metal Stamping Co Launches with Range of Services, Including Heat Treating-The 20th China (Guangzhou ) Int’l Casting product Exhibition
9/28/2018  铸件展-casting expo-Die-casting expo-foundry expo
A woman-owned metal stamping company with heat treating capabilities serving a broad range of industries, including automotive, aerospace, energy, medical and general manufacturing, has recently launched as a new entity following a limited asset purchase of a 50-year-old manufacturing company in Downers Grove, Illinois.
Integrity Manufacturing Inc., which also provides a job shop and assembly work for multiple industries obtained a great limited asset/limited liability agreement with Lindy Manufacturing. Integrity opens its doors with an established customer base and expanded services, two additional plants in Chicago and one in Los Angeles. “The trend of women in manufacturing is growing, and it reflects on the fact that women are at the forefront of how the market is changing,” said Cheryl Wellman, company owner and president, originally a key player at Lindy Manufacturing. “Manufacturers are more than providers of goods: we also advise and support our customers, and that allows for long-term relationships and the development of customized solutions.” Both Wellman and Integrity’s vice president, Holly Barajas, held multiple positions within Lindy Manufacturing and worked closely on projects from beginning to end. She oversaw all aspects of production, shipping, and customer service, in addition to marketing and plant management. The decision to create the new company included joining forces with another Lindy Manufacturing employee, Sean Stack, who currently serves as Integrity’s General Manager.
“Our goal for Integrity is to take American manufacturing to a new level,” says Wellman. “That means putting a priority on quality and innovation, giving our employees the training and support they need and working collaboratively with both them and our clients.” 铸件展-铸件采购会-国际铸件展-2019第二十届广州国际铸件展-巨浪展览 -The 20th China (Guangzhou ) Intl Casting product Exhibition -Casting product Exhibition, 2019 casting product Exhibition, China Casting product Exhibition, Casting Exhibition, China Casting Exhibition, 2019 Casting Exhibition, Casting product Expo, 2019 casting product Expo, China Casting product Expo, Casting Expo, China Casting Expo, 2019 Casting Expo, 
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