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Fushun Special Steel faces delisting over delay in restatements-The 19th China (Guangzhou ) Int’l Casting product Exhibition
5/30/2018  铸件展-casting expo-Die-casting expo-foundry expo
    Caixin reported thatFushun Special Steel Co Ltd, the Shanghai-listed arm of embattled Dongbei Special Steel, warned investors it faces the risk of delisting if it misses a June 30 deadline for restating financial reports to correct falsified inventory data. It said in a filing “The company is actively drafting financial reports for 2017 and the first quarter of 2018. But there is risk that the work can’t be completed by the deadline and the company may be forced to delist from the Shanghai Stock Exchange.”

Shares of Fushun Special have been suspended since January after it admitted falsifying inventory numbers. If Fushun fails to release its 2017 annual report by June 30, under exchange rules the shares will resume trading July 2 with a delisting warning.

If the company is unable to issue its 2017 annual report before Sept. 1, trading will be halted on Sept. 3 and the Shanghai Stock Exchange will make a decision within 15 days on whether the listing will be temporarily suspended. The company may be permanently delisted if it is unable to publish the annual report within the subsequent two months, according to Fushun Special’s filings.

Fushun Special, based in the northeast rust-belt province of Liaoning, had delayed its earnings reporting in late April due to a “large amount of work involved in restating financial figures.” The company said it was expected to publish the financial reports in the second half of May but warned it could miss the deadline.

Fushun Special was once the most profitable subsidiary of Dongbei Special Steel Group, which is China’s biggest bond defaulter. Securities regulators in March started an investigation of Fushun Special for violations of information disclosure regulations.

Fushun Special previously reported a profit of 111 million yuan ($17 million) for 2016, a 44% drop from 2015, and a profit of 67.5 million yuan for the first nine months of 2017, a slump of 49% from a year earlier. But in its January statement, the company warned that it might post a loss for 2017 and for earlier years once the accounts were restated following an internal investigation. 铸件展-铸件采购会-国际铸件展-2018第十九届广州国际铸件展会-巨浪展览 -The 19th China (Guangzhou ) Int’l Casting product Exhibition -Casting product Exhibition, 2018 casting product Exhibition, China Casting product Exhibition, Casting Exhibition, China Casting Exhibition, 2018 Casting Exhibition, Casting product Expo, 2018 casting product Expo, China Casting product Expo, Casting Expo, China Casting Expo, 2018 Casting Expo,  ont-family:"Tahoma","sans-serif"''>-巨浪展览
-The 19th Guangzhou Die-casting, Foundry & Industry Furnace Exhibition -Die-casting exhibition, Die-casting expo,2018 Die-casting exhibition, 2018 Die-casting expo, China Die-casting exhibition, China Die-casting expo, Foundry exhibition, Foundry expo, 2018 Foundry exhibition, 2018 Foundry expo, Industry Furnace exhibition, Industry Furnace expo, 2018 Industry Furnace exhibition, 2018 Industry Furnace expo, China Industry Furnace exhibition, China Industry Furnace expo
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