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Poland's Cognor contracts Fives for furnace renovation-2019 China(Guangzhou)Int’l Metal & Metallurgy Exhibition-metal ex

5/15/2019  金属展-冶金展-钢铁展-steel expo-metal &metallurgy expo-
    Polish steel producer Cognor SA contracted Fives to implement a challenging project the renovation of a reheating pusher furnace at its Krakow plant. The steelmaker was looking to improve furnace performance, both in terms of production availability and operational cost reduction. The existing furnace, with an initial production capacity of 90 tons per hour, is integrated into a rolling mill producing merchant bars and rebars. Over the past years, the plant experienced difficulties sustainably operating the furnace at the designed production rate. The furnace has also required frequent maintenance and consumed gas excessively. The project faced a technical constraint: a furnace foundation could not be modified. Therefore, furnace dimensions have to remoin the same. Fives was the only company capable of offering its proprielary technology to sustain production capacity at the reduced operational cosls with the same footprint.

In order to significantly improve furnace performance, Fives will use its proprietary combustion system -AdvanTek® technology. The AdvanTek® technology fully separates the burner capacity control and the flame length control. It is also the only combustion technology that operates the burners at the optimum capacity at ony production rate and operating conditions.

As a result of this renovation, the pusher furnace capacity will be sustained at the designed level. The operational costs will decrease thanks to a 25% reduction in fuel consumption and a 40% decrease in scale. The scope of work also includes repairs of the refractories and steel structures of the soaking zone.

The site work is planned to start in March 2020 with the first hot product being scheduled in the second quarter of 2020. The project will be executed by a Fives'' subsidiary in Spain, which historically specializes in long product thermal solutions worldwide. Recently, its offering has been expanded through the acquisition of certain activities of RDI-Met, a subsidiary of Fagor Arrasate (Spain), and today it covers mechanical engineering for strip processing lines, including coating lines. 金属展-冶金展-2019广州巨浪国际金属暨冶金工业展览会-亚洲最大金属冶金展-巨浪展览-2019 China(Guangzhou)Int’l Metal & Metallurgy Exhibition-metal exhibition -metal exhibition Metal exhibition, Metal expo, 2019 Metal exhibition, 2019 Metal expo, China Metal exhibition, China Metal expo, steel exhibition, steel expo, 2019 steel exhibition, 2019 steel expo, China steel exhibition, China steel expo
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