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World Economic Forum recognises Tata Steel steelmaking plant as a factory of the future-2019 China(Guangzhou)I
nt’l Metal & Metallurgy Exhibition-metal exhibition

1/11/2019  金属展-冶金展-钢铁展-steel expo-metal &metallurgy expo
    The World Economic Forum (WEF) announced Tata Steel Europe’s steelmaking plant at IJmuiden in the Netherlands has been inducted into its prestigious community of ‘Lighthouses’, a distinction awarded to manufacturing facilities which are seen as leaders in the technologies of the Fourth Industrial Revolution. Assessing more than 1,000 factories in 2018, the WEF recognises Tata Steel’s IJmuiden plant and six others as ‘Manufacturing Lighthouses’, state-of-the-art production facilities which successfully adopt and integrate the cutting-edge technologies of the future and drive financial and operational impact. This makes Tata Steel part of a network of just 16 key factories to create the world’s leading learning platform for production. To aid the learning and adoption of technologies by other companies, the Lighthouses companies are committed to open their doors and share their knowledge with other manufacturing businesses.

Tata Steel’s site at IJmuiden has been lauded for its pioneering use of advanced analytics to optimise the way raw materials are used, increase the yield at every step of the steelmaking process and further improve logistics between the different processes and the quality of the product for customers. Additionally, the recently established Advanced Analytics Academy gives Tata Steel’s employees an impetus to find solutions for waste reduction, quality improvement and overall reliability of production processes.

Hans Fischer, CEO of Tata Steel in Europe, said "It’s an honour to be recognised by the WEF as one of a handful of manufacturing facilities worldwide which set a global benchmark for the factory of the future. This is no doubt an acknowledgement of both, the thriving culture of innovation at Tata Steel, and the advanced analytics team’s vision and commitment to realising more efficient, productive and responsible steelmaking.”

TV Narendran, Managing Director and CEO of Tata Steel Limited, added “Over the last couple of years, we have made concerted efforts, both in Europe and India, to leverage technology in a game-changing manner across our value chain to gain competitive advantage and to enhance our customer and stakeholder experience. We are delighted to be recognised for our efforts and look forward to collaborating with the World Economic Forum to share our learnings from this journey.” 金属展-冶金展-2019广州巨浪国际金属暨冶金工业展览会-亚洲最大金属冶金展-巨浪展览-2019 China(Guangzhou)Int’l Metal & Metallurgy Exhibition-metal exhibition -metal exhibition Metal exhibition, Metal expo, 2019 Metal exhibition, 2019 Metal expo, China Metal exhibition, China Metal expo, steel exhibition, steel expo, 2019 steel exhibition, 2019 steel expo, China steel exhibition, China steel expo
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