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Pakistan Naveena Steel expands new production line to meet domestic demand-2019 China(Guangzhou)Int’l Metal & 
Metallurgy Exhibition-metal exhibition

12/6/2018  金属展-冶金展-钢铁展-steel expo-metal &metallurgy expo
    Driven by economic cooperation project between China and Pakistan, the infrastructure in Pakistan was booming, and it led steel demand increased. Therefore, Naveena Steel planned to invest new plant expansion and will begin construction in the second quarter in 2019. 

The plant will be located in Port Qasim, and this arrangement could reduce import cost of scrap and other raw materials. The expansion project included purchase of a billet continuous casting machine and a long product rolling facility from Concast (India) Ltd. owned by Primetals. 

Naveena Steel could take this chance to enter growing domestic market, and actively work on local infrastructures. 

The production line could produce 8-40mm rebar with annual capacity of 270,000 tons, and above 12mm rebar was rolled in multi-slit mode to increase production efficiency. Besides, the induction furnace helped to balance required temperature from continuous casting machine to rolling facility, and billet will enter rolling facility at high temperature, saving lots of energy consumption. 金属展-冶金展-2019广州巨浪国际金属暨冶金工业展览会-亚洲最大金属冶金展-巨浪展览-2019 China(Guangzhou)Int’l Metal & Metallurgy Exhibition-metal exhibition -metal exhibition Metal exhibition, Metal expo, 2019 Metal exhibition, 2019 Metal expo, China Metal exhibition, China Metal expo, steel exhibition, steel expo, 2019 steel exhibition, 2019 steel expo, China steel exhibition, China steel expo
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