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EU's cancellation of AD on Chinese screw to impact Taiwanese screw export orders-The 19th China (Guangzhou)Int’l Fastener & Equipment Exhibition
5/29/2018  紧固件展-紧固件采购会-国际紧固件展-fastener expo
    When the EU withdrew its anti-dumping measures against China 2 years ago, the experts predicted that after the EU announced that it would withdraw anti-dumping duties on China, about 120,000 tons of exported Taiwanese screws would be affected.

Taiwanese screw exports to the EU were around 403,000 tons in the first quarter, with the export value of around US$1.15 billion, a year-on-year increase of 18.9%. Chinese screw exports to the EU were around 960,000 tons in this period, with the export value of around US$1.77 billion, an increase of 30% compared to the same period of last year. 

According to the market participants, Taiwanese loss in the EU''s orders was now nearly 60%. At the beginning, the EU’s anti-dumping measures against China were only a short period of 5 years. If the EU extended anti-dumping years to 10 years, the customer’s buying habits would be changed and Taiwanese market will have advantages.

The industry appealed that Taiwanese companies should not despise the power of Chinese rise. Taiwan should advance toward the goal of increasing the added value of products. 紧固件展-2018第十九届广州国际紧固件及设备展览会-巨浪展览 -The 19th China (Guangzhou)Int’l Fastener & Equipment Exhibition - Fastener exhibition,2018 Fastener exhibition, China Fastener exhibition, Guangzhou Fastener exhibition, 2018 Fastener expo, China Fastener expo, Guangzhou Fastener expo
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