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ALTEK Becomes Global Provider of End-to-End Solutions for Sustainable Aluminum Production管材展-钢管展-2021广州国际管材及管材加工设备展---巨浪展览 - The 22nd China (Guangzhou ) Int’l tube & pipe Processing Equipment Exhibiti
1/7/2021  管材展-钢管展-steel tube expo-tube &pipe expo

Malvern, Pa.- and Derbyshire, England-based ALTEK, a subsidiary of Harsco Corporation, is providing complete end-to-end dross processing to enable the global aluminum industry to maximize aluminum recoveries and achieve zero waste.

The company offers a scalable total dross management service. ALTEK’s technology is said to recover more than 45 percent aluminum, depending on existing recovery techniques, than has traditionally been possible.

“ALTEK is providing modern solutions to age-old problems, drastically reducing atmospheric pollution and pushing the aluminum industry to a zero-waste scenario through sustainable methods of producing aluminum,” said ALTEK’s Managing Director Ian Johns. “Our latest technology is designed with Industry 4.0 in mind, driving the digital transformation.”

James Herbert, ALTEK’s global sales director, emphasized the importance of innovation. “Every cast house is an opportunity for innovation, and we are delivering end-to-end solutions that improve cast house operations, including aluminum dross processing systems,” he said. “The result is the best range of technology available to reduce dross generation, maximize aluminum dross recovery, improve efficiencies, and provide significant environmental and recycling benefits.”

 ALTEK also provides the in-house salt slag recycling solution AluSalt for the aluminum industry. According to the company, AluSalt enables aluminum producers to recycle metallics and salts, recover other non-metallic products and achieve zero waste, addressing one of the largest environmental concerns within the aluminum market.

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