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Kim Chaek Iron and Steel Complex completed Juche-Oriented Iron-making Production Process- The 20th China (Guangzhou ) Int’l tube & pipe Processing Equipment Exhibition
9/29/2018  管材展-钢管展-steel tube expo-tube &pipe expo
    KCNA Watch reported that at a significant time when the 70th founding anniversary of the DPRK was celebrated as a grand festival of victors the Kim Chaek Iron and Steel Complex has succeeded in establishing the Juche-oriented iron-making processes based on indigenous technology and locally available fuel and materials 100 per cent, thus instilling great joy and confidence into all the people of the country. The Workers'' Party of Korea mapped out a gigantic plan for realizing the historic cause of establishing the system of Juche-based iron production true to the noble intention of President Kim Il Sung and Chairman Kim Jong Il and set forth a militant task for completing the Juche-based project at the Kim Chaek Iron and Steel Complex.

The working class of the Kim Chaek Iron and Steel Complex, the Chongjin Metal Construction Complex and the Equipment Assembly Complex and members of the February 17 Shock Brigade of Scientists and Technicians made energetic efforts to implement the idea of the Party and uphold Party policies and thus victoriously finished the huge project for more than 500 days.

The working class of the Kim Chaek Iron and Steel Complex successfully built an oxygen heat blast furnace and a fluidized-bed gas generator, restored oxygen separators to their original state and put the operation of furnaces on a normal basis, thus producing a large amount of iron and steel.

The working class of the Chongjin Metal Construction Complex and the Equipment Assembly Complex finished the project of installing an oxygen separator of 15 000?/h, the key to the Juche-based iron production, in a bold and big way, ahead of schedule and fulfilled difficult tasks and thus fully demonstrated the might of the main force which has displayed their reputation in metal construction and assembling of custom-built equipment.

Thanks to the campaign of brains and the drive of breaking through the cutting edge of the experts of Kim Chaek University of Technology, Chongjin University of Mining and Metallurgy, State Academy of Sciences and various other units, a new ground of an iron-making method without use of cokes was hewed out and a firm technological guarantee for increased iron production provided.
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