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US ITC Orders US DoC to Revist Duties on Chinese Steel Threaded Rod-2020 China(Guangzhou) Int’l Laser Equipment and Sheet Metal Industry Exhibition
3/2/2020  钣金展-激光展- Laser expo, Sheet Metal Industry expo
    US Court of International Trade ruled that the Commerce Department must reassess duties on certain imports of steel threaded rod from China. US ITC ruled “The Final Results are sustained in part and remanded in part. Accordingly, it is ORDERED that Commerce’s selection of Thailand as the primary surrogate country is sustained, Commerce’s selection of surrogate values for Plaintiffs’ STR factor of production is sustained, that Commerce’s calculation of Plaintiffs’ surrogate financial ratios as related to labor is remanded for further explanation or reconsideration consistent with this opinion, Commerce shall file its remand redetermination with the court within 90 days of this date and that the parties shall have 30 days thereafter to file comments on the remand redetermination.”

Steel threaded rod is primarily used in commercial construction for plumbing, HVAC ductwork, and sprinkler pipes. The US maintains antidumping duties on such rod from China. Commerce conducted a periodic duty review covering imports that entered the US between April 2013 and March 2014. Commerce treated manufacturer Jiaxing Brother Fastener Co. and its related exporters IFI & Morgan Ltd and RMB Fasteners Ltd were treated as a single entity and assigned a dumping margin of 39.42%, 钣金展-激光展-2020年第二十一届广州国际激光设备及钣金工业展 -2020 China(Guangzhou) Int’l Laser Equipment and Sheet Metal Industry Exhibition -Sheet metal exhibition, Sheet metal expo, 2020 Sheet metal exhibition, 2020 Sheet metal expo, China Sheet metal exhibition, China Sheet metal expo, Laser Equipment exhibition, Laser Equipment expo, 2020 Laser Equipment exhibition, 2020 Laser Equipment  expo, Laser exhibition, Laser expo
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