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Iranian Steel Exports in 8 Months Surge by 28% YoY-2020 China(Guangzhou) Int’l Laser Equipment and Sheet Metal Industry Exhibition
3/2/2020  钣金展-激光展- Laser expo, Sheet Metal Industry expo
    According to the Iranian Steel Producers Association, a total of 6.78 million tonnes of finished and semi-finished steel products were exported from Iran during the first eight months ie March 21- November 21 of the current fiscal year, a 28.62% YoY increase. Semi-finished steel made up 4.37 million tonnes or more than 64.45% of the total export volume. Billet and bloom had the lion’s share of semis exports at 2.95 million tonnes to mark 48% YOY rise. Slab followed with 1.41 million tonnes, up 5% YOY.

Exports of finished steel products increased 25% YOY to reach 2.4 million tonnes. Long steel products had the biggest share of finished products’ exports with a total of 1.82 million tonnes (75.75%) to register 44% growth YoY. Rebar was the main export in this category with 1.55 million tonnes, registering a 59% increase YoY, followed by other types with 145,000 tonnes (up 25% YOY) and beams with 125,000 tonnes (down 27% YOY). 钣金展-激光展-2020年第二十一届广州国际激光设备及钣金工业展 -2020 China(Guangzhou) Int’l Laser Equipment and Sheet Metal Industry Exhibition -Sheet metal exhibition, Sheet metal expo, 2020 Sheet metal exhibition, 2020 Sheet metal expo, China Sheet metal exhibition, China Sheet metal expo, Laser Equipment exhibition, Laser Equipment expo, 2020 Laser Equipment exhibition, 2020 Laser Equipment  expo, Laser exhibition, Laser expo
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